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Alisa Lebow is a documentary filmmaker, scholar, and writer. She holds a doctorate in Cinema Studies from New York University.

She currently teaches both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in film studies at the University of Sussex, UK, and conducts research that explores the intersection of the aesthetic and the political in documentary film and related media.

She has written extensively on first person film as a culturally and ideologically imbricated practice of identity production. She is intrigued by the intersection between practice and theory, and her most recent work attempts to perform film studies intermedially.

Alisa is originally from NY and currently lives in London. 

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In addition to her academic work, Alisa has curated programs for the Barbican Cinema, The Istanbul Film Festival, Istanbul Modern, The Arnolfini Gallery and other venues. She is the Documentary Advisor for the Istanbul Film Festival and has served on juries for several international documentary film festivals as well.

Her films include For the Record: The World Tribunal on Iraq (co-directed with Zeynep Dadak, Enis Köstepen, and Başak Ertür, 2007), Treyf (co-directed with Cynthia Madansky, 1998), Internal Combustion (co-directed with Cynthia Madansky, 1995) and Outlaw (1994).


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